VigiServe Foundation is a Non-Profit with a mission of Empowering Public Health by ensuring safe medicines and promoting culture for reporting Adverse Drug Experiences and Side Effects. 

VigiServe for Public Health

VigiServe Foundation is a registered Non-Profit in India (CIN U85300MH2020NPL339935), with a mission of Empowering Public Health by ensuring safe medicines and promoting culture for reporting Adverse Drug Experiences and Side Effects. 

Some of our initiatives include:
1. Free Pharmacovigilance Learning Management System
2. Not-for-Profit Niche Services, not limited to GVP Audits and Training. Please check:
3. Placement Support for freshers: Link

The VigiLearn initiative ( , aims at creating Certified Pharmacovigilance Professionals, by offering free self-learning courses, created by experts in the field of Pharmacovigilance.

VigiServe Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit (Section 8 Company) in India

CIN: U85300MH2020NPL339935   

NITI Aayog Registration No. MH/2020/0257324

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Where can VigiServe Support?

CMEs in Pharmacovigilance

Training in Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance Audits

Guidance in Setting up Pharmacovigilance Unit

Pharmacovigilance Resource Materials

Guidance in Pharmacovigilance Operations

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Rukmini Manoj

Rukmini is an Educationist, Social Entrepreneur, and a Visionary who spearheads the VigiServe Initiative. Rukmini has over a decade of experience in the Education Industry and specializes in Arts, Economics, and English. 

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Manoj Swaminathan

Manoj is a Pharmacovigilance Expert who is extremely passionate about Safe Medicines for Public Health. He has over 16 years of experience in Patient care, Public health, and Pharmacovigilance. He can help the company in Pharmacovigilance Compliance by undertaking a thorough gap assessment or audits, conduct Pharmacovigilance Training, and help build Digital Initiatives for enhancing Patient Safety.

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"Great Knowledge sharing platform and skill development in pharmacovigilance. Excellent videos with detailed explanation for all pharmacovigilance professionals"