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VigiServe Foundation is a Non-Profit with a mission of Empowering Public Health by ensuring safe medicines and promoting culture for reporting Adverse Drug Experiences and Side Effects. 


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"Great Knowledge sharing platform and skill development in pharmacovigilance. Excellent videos with detailed explanation for all pharmacovigilance professionals"

The Unmet Need...

There is a Multi-fold increase in Pharmacovigilance Awareness?

Patients are empowered 

to report Adverse Drug Reactions?

All Pharma companies in developing countries receive support in setting up a Pharmacovigilance unit?

All Doctors and Healthcare 

Professionals started reporting Adverse Drug Reactions?

What if?

There is a free or Not-for-Profit Platform for Pharmacovigilance Education and Certification?

There is a global network of Pharmacovigilance Professionals

There was harmonization

of Pharmacovigilance requirements?

There is a single website for accessing Global Pharmacovigilance Requirements?

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